• Physical therapy sessions
  • Post surgery rehabilitation.
  • Assist in mobility restoration.


  • Provide acute medical treatment.
  • Prescribe medication.
  • Offer psychological counselling.

Type of Services


An individualized care plan is prepared and followed to restore the normal life of the patient through rigorous training and therapy

Speech Therapy

Our specialized speech therapist works with clients who may have difficulties swallowing due to dementia or any neurological disorder.

Occupational Therapy

Our expert team of therapists works with clients after a trauma or injury with their daily task and help them get back to normal life.

Why Choose Health Heal for Rehabilitation

  •   Comprehensive Evaluation

    Every rehabilitation journey begins with a thorough assessment by our experts to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by the individual.

  •   Personalized Rehabilitation Plan

    Based on the initial evaluation, a customized plan is crafted, focusing on achieving the personal goals and optimal outcomes for the patient.

  •   Ongoing support for family caregivers

    Beyond physical recovery, we provide the necessary education and support for patients and their families to understand the recovery process, manage conditions, and prevent future complications.

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